Party food... HELP please!

Posted 20th Sep 2010
Hiya all

My dad and I are planning a surprise party for my mum at the weekend and i'm starting to panic now...

I just wondered if anyone could give me some advice about when would be best to prepare the food as I have no idea about how long before the party I can cook things and then serve them cold during the party.

The main things I am worried about are the sausage rolls, chinese / indian selections, cold pasta/rice salads, etc. I was wanting to cook them maybe the night before/morning of the party but obv. i don't want anything to go off and i really have no idea about how to do it. Can I defrost/oven cook them, let them cool and then refrigerate them until just before hand? Will the pasta and rice still taste ok if cooked the day before?

Sorry if this is a stupid q. but i have never done this before and want it to be perfect

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