Party Invitations

    I am looking for at least 40 childrens birthday party invitations. Does anyone one know a good place to get them form. Also need to get party things as well.


    home bargains if you near one is brill.


    Tesco do a good range very cheaply, usually near the birthday card section

    Card shops like Clintons sell these

    W H Smith also have this sort of stuff

    Probably Woolworths as well

    We also have a Party Land shop near us that does all sorts of things related to parties (as you would guess from the name of the shop)…asp

    Home bargains or wilkinsons.


    Better off going in-store though as there is not much online :thumbsup:

    Maybe not the cheapest but i get my things from [url][/url]

    They have a huge range

    My daughter had a circus party for her 7th birthday and we had loads of invites to do. To make it cheaper I just made the invite up in WORD and added a few appropriate clipart pictures to make it a bit prettier. Then when printed out I rolled each one up and tied it up with a piece of ribbon like a scroll. They were really cheap to do and I had loads of comments about them, a few parents have since done the same for their children.

    With regards to plates & cups etc, I was going to get her High School Musical but for 30 kids it was going to cost a fortune. I therefore went to Asda and bought their packs of multicoloured plastic plates and cups which were 6 for £1 I think, admittedly this also added up to quite a bit but they are now in the cupboard to use again for another party (I also have a 3½yr old) so will work out FAR cheaper in the long run.

    make your own on invites! (or get a someone to make them for you!)

    like me! :whistling:

    Just go to ebay and get it all delivered to you door personalized invites, helium balloons/gas party bags etc etc.

    Try your local pound shop, they stock allsorts for kids parties! :-D


    Yeh make your own, easy enough to do and probably cheaper as well … Yeh make your own, easy enough to do and probably cheaper as well (especially if you print them at work :whistling:)

    lol like you would ya mean! :whistling:

    Has always really annoyed me that packs of invites and party bag toys, themed paper plates etc always seem to come in packs of about 6, meaning you always have to buy lots of packs.. When all mine were small, we used to have about 20-30 kids at parties. All their bdays were between Sept to Nov and all girls.

    I was always looking for trader where I could buy this stuff in bulk, never found one that was any cheaper than Home & Bargain.
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