Party on (forever) dudes !

The babes will be more cougars now but looking forward to it regardless.
Reeves has certainly been talking about this in interviews for a few years.

The story had been decided, & the script just needing writing.

The web site has been active since April 2012:

[…036 ]

"The Grauniad" online mentioned it back in April 2014 too:

[…-on ]
Most bodacious news
'meh' and thats my final word on the matter
Dean Parisot did the Dirk Gently tv thing a couple of years ago that I liked
and a few episodes of northern exposure as well as a lot of dross
Published on 30 Mar 2018

"'Bill & Ted 3': Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter, writers talk proposed sequel (which might actually happen!) Get new scoop on the franchise!"

BBC America
Published on 10 Feb 2017

"Keanu Reeves reveals the plot details of Bill & Ted 3 while playing the air guitar."
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