Pascal vs froch

    anyone watching, this is what boxing is all about... It's on itv 1 btw


    yerr its guuurdddd! froch to win, nottingham nottingham nottingham!

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    they're getting desperate for hits now, pascals getting beaten! LOL

    froch aint skirting arround, cobra wins!

    init, he was looking good in the earlier rounds, i reckon it will go all the way but froch will win.

    Yeah I'm watching it. It's a great fight.

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    judging by how the rounds have gone these last 4 should be interesting, who knows pascal seems to be saving himself.

    yh hes doing ok now, its close nw! bit of a cut on froch' eye!

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    I know I'm guessin he's gonna make a comeback. Hope not

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    oh yes what a hit from froch!

    yhyh, looks like he myt do! i hope not too, froch is a notts lad lol! damn.

    Great super-middleweight boxing .........

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    Last round come on froch!

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    What a fight!

    hes gna win i think!

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    yes Froch! He really earned that win.

    They don't come much better than that fight..

    great fight cobra!

    great match, far better boxer than that glass jawed Khan.


    great match, far better boxer than that glass jawed Khan.

    time will tell

    great fight,,,,,both fighters showed they can take a good punch

    yhyh was good, good fight too! n i missed the kahn fight, did he win? if so, how?

    o ryt, cheers matey.
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