Passat fuel gauge problem.... any ideas

Found 17th Sep 2012
My fuel gauge just sticks on empty even though there is fuel. All the other gauges work fine. A couple of mechanics have checked the device that says what the level is and all that seemed to do was move the reading from totally full (originally and not moving) to now totally empty.

Could it be a fuse or is that too obvious?

I don't want to spend a fortune on hours of labour costs and tests as it is a V reg ... but apart from the above it drives beautifully.

Any help/thoughts appreciated.
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Dashboard failure? Had similar issue in mine.
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If its a old car & you don't want to spend any money on it your going to have to just live with its problems
just keep filling it up
my old 206 is a right nail everythings giving up on it now but i will just drive it into the ground now
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Could be the float in the tank has a hole in it - not unusual and so is stuck near the bottom (since the float is full of fuel).

Bit like the float in a toilet cistern.

There is usually some kind of access hatch in the top of the tank to remove the float mechanism - try posting on one of the VAG forums if you need more help.
It'll most probably be the sender gauge, Located in the fuel tank, Sometimes you can get access under rear seats to the sender, Sometimes it requires dropping the fuel tank for access.

I did one on an old Escort, Rather than dropping the tank, I cut around it and got access to it that way.
Does sound like the fuel guage sender unit in the tank is faulty. Make sure you're not smoking when checking or changing it!
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