Passenger in car accident, do I need to declare when quoting my own car insurance?

Posted 23rd Mar 2016
I was involved in a car accident in January, which has resulted in me making a claim against the driver of the vehicle which hit us. I was the passenger, I am claiming through my own solicitor.

Do I need to declare this when applying for quotes for my own car insurance? As I have been involved in an accident, but it was not with me driving.
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I don't believe so as you weren't the driver my advice is to call your insurers and ask if it's a big concern of when on gocompare or any other insurance site looking for insurance just read the question carefully but I'm fairly sure it's if your the driver
Depends on the wording on the application. Pretty sure most say 'have you been involved in an accident or made a claim within the last 5 years'. You have to answer yes in this case.

E. G gocompare state

In the last five years, have you had or caused any accidents, claims or damage involving any motor vehicle (including cars, motorbikes and/or vans), even if no claim was made and regardless of blame?
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Thanks, it was the wording that was confusing me as well as it states "ANY".

I phoned the insurer and they said that I did not need to notify them, they even discounted the insurance to match the Quidco cashback as well.

Happy bunny all round.
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