Passport & Flight quicky

Got married back in September. The other half has only bothered to change the name on the bank account, but nothing else as yet.

Her passport is still in her maiden name. I want to book a flight to Canada. I assume that if I use her maiden name on the booking everything will be OK?




Ask the flight company.

yes my daughter in law is doing the same as she doesnt want to change her name atm. The onlt thing is that legally she should have the same name on everything.
Dont you have time to change it anyway?
If you couldnt do this how would you go on honeymoon? X)
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don't see a problem. Not sure how it would work with travel insurance

yep no probs.....on homeymoon i had different surname to probs

just use what ever name is on her passport

There is info about this type of thing on the internet, I think you will get away with leaving the passport the same to be honest. - It is a risk though


tickets need to be issued in the name of the passport holder

marital status is irrelevant


don't see a problem. Not sure how it would work with travel insurance

legally she doesnt have to have his name..he just takes out travel ins for him and his spouse as normal.

Was in the same situation - just booked it in my maiden name as passport hadn't been changed. As long as its the same as the passport its fine.

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thnaks for all the replies. i assumed that it wouldnt be a problem.

as long as tickets are in same name there is no probs. My Wife did the same i rang passport office and they said its not a problem.

iv been using my passport with my old surname on for almost 2 yrs now,been abroad few times,i aint changed it as iv 6yr lofeft on it an dnt wna loose all that money as it costs more or less same to change name as it do to renew...I was told by the passport office to leave it as it is just to book the holiday, (hotel,flight,transfers) in my name thats on my passport! Even paying with ur credit/debit card in ur new name is ok as any1 can pay...just remember to put all corrospondance in maiden name and ul b ok!:D

i used my passport with my maiden name in Sept this year with no problem as long as your tickets are in the same name, if she's hiring a car make sure she uses her maiden name also, i forgot to and had to tell them it was my honeymoon lol, Alamo didnt like it as my credit card/bank card were both in my married name

Same here with my misses she had 4 years left on passport so just get the tickets and insurance in the passport names. Government make enough cash without us prematurely renewing the passport

this is a dirty weekend and there not married
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