Passport Form Returned

Found 2nd Aug 2017
I applied for a passport but didn't realise there was a bit on the countersignature form that I was to sign. A blank form has been returned showing where I have to sign. Do I still need to get the rest of the form resigned by the countersignature? They also did not return my photos or the original form so I assume they still have them.
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I'd say fill in a new form, get the form signed and photos signed by someone. Passports applications are a pain but it's every 10 years so not too bad
Provide the missing pieces thats all, they are waiting for it, the rest they have it and you have two weeks to send back what they requested so they can process your application or you will have to start a new one and not sure if they will refund your current one.
Thanks, sent it off today and only signed the bit I missed the last time
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