Passport help please.

Found 18th May 2018
Hi, looking for some advice...

My wifes passport is still in her maiden name, someone said as long as I book her on the holiday in her maiden name then she would still be able to use this passport (saving me the expense of renewing).Does anyone know about this please?
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Yes, as long as it's booked in her maiden name and matches her current passport then that is fine.

Can I use my old passport after I am married?If this is your first marriage and your old passport was in your maiden name then "Yes" you can use your old passport after you are married right up until it expires, this is because with your first marriage you are still legally entitled to use your maiden name for other purposes, and can still use this as a valid form of identification. However if this is a second or third marriage this condition may not apply as further name changes have now taken place which require further documentation to be provided to the Passport Office in the event of a further name change.…es/
thanks very much
Agree with the above, as long as it matches whatever is on the passport then you are good to go.
Yep me and the misses are booked to go to Portugal next month. She’s in her maiden name. wife and I are 25yrs into the life of purgatory.....( lol ) and her passport was renewed in 2016 in her maiden name....the important thing is that when you book you make sure every detail you fill in on the booking matches the document.....
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