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Found 27th Jun 2011
Hi there HDUK this seems to be a very usefull site, I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice.

I booked a holiday roughly just over 3 weeks to departure. I had to renew my 5 year olds passport in that time. Due to the urgency I used the post office check and send service. Today (9 days before departure) I received a letter to say the photos were too light and couldn't be used.

I have now had to pay £6 to a photographer for new photos, £5.45 to post office to get them to passport department tomorrow and will need to pay a further £60.50 to passport office to get it printed at my local office to speed it along.

Is there anyone I can persue for the extra costs? Post office, photo booth operator (claiming to provide passport approved photos)? afterall, I did my bit and left it in the hands of the 'professionals'.

Has anyone else had any similar experience? Any advice greatfully received.
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Thats crap, hope you get it sorted.

Looks like you can claim the £8.17 handling charge for the original application.
The photo booth operator should also provide a refund. Speak with them directly with all evidence, i.e., photos, rejection letter from the passport office
Dont know if this helps;

What to do if the Post Office makes a mistake

If there is a mistake or oversight on the part of the Post Office, you can ask for a refund of their handling charge.

Neither IPS nor the Post Office will be responsible for any indirect or resulting loss you may have suffered. This includes (but is not limited to) any loss of opportunity, profit, income or reputation. This means that you can't claim for anything that has happened to you as a result of your passport being delayed. You can only claim a refund of the Check & Send handling charge.…154
^^^ Great minds!
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