Passport photos

Need 5 sets of passport photos so where is the cheapest place? Anyone used a good online site before? Or am I better off down the high street?


Not sure you can do them online as how would you take the pics, prob the high street your best bet - one of those booths

Ive used ]this software for producing the correct size then had them printed (get 6 to a 6x4 photo) using a free trial by snapfish (i think thats the one, anyway the one where you collect free at jessops - proper tightwad as it avoids the postage costs).


i used these last year and had no probs

be warned if its for a baby or small child you might be better going to professional photographer as you cant smile in passport photos and have to looking at camera and filling the shot but not overfilling blah blah blah. So i know my parents always used local photagrapher and im going back about 7 yrs but only cost 3.50/4 quid for my sis and saved peace of mind they werent gonna get rejected

- take the picture yourself
- crop/manipulate using photo editor (not too much obviously)
- bring the file to the bus station or shopping center (or wherever they have automatic Do-It-Yourself photo print machine) it will cost you around £20 pence per 6 passport size photo
or bring it to Booth for professional touch (20p for 24 hour print or 40p for 1hour wait)

u can use your own digital camera

You can always print the photos yourself, assuming you have a suitable printer (i.e. one that prints on to photo paper). I do this all the time, with no problems.

I renewed my passport a few weeks ago and used, you take the photo yourself using the guidelines on their website then upload it, they resize etc and post out the photos to you, mine arrived the next day! :thumbsup:
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