Passport Photos for renewal of passport before end of march 18 ...

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can you do your own pics ?? or do they have to be photo booth??

or anyone know of free pics deals thanks
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I go to a local camera shop who do them very cheap and the pictures actually end up looking like me, not washed out like one's from a booth.…rts
Rules above. You can do them yourself, but as soon as they see you haven't used a photo booth they seem to be way more stringent and pick up on more things which might be considered against the rules.
I went to photo booth, then paid the post office to check application before sending, photo's were rejected ended up going to Timpson to get them done, they will also re do them if the photo is rejected
You can do them at home and apply online just follow the advice they give about the pictures and you'll be fine.
I did mine at home and there was no problem whatsoever.
They take care of the framing for you.
I did my application online with photos at homeand had no problems. Don't worry about cropping photos beforehand as the online process sorts this
End of march 17 has been and gone
Did ours last month on an iphone against a white wall in natural light. Cropped the pic in the phone to the right size and uploaded on the online application. The .gov website does a basic check of the pic and can re-crop the pic if required. Apparently a lot are rejected if the subject has strong shadow or high/low lights. Ours were accepted and processed ok.
there was a shop near me the other day doing 8 photos and are also put on a sd card for £9
so then all you have to do if need is print out
have done form online but they want pics sent in ?
aw083 h, 13 m ago

have done form online but they want pics sent in ?

My husband did his online a few weeks ago and i took his photo using my samsung phone but it got rejected and the reason given was that there was not enough lighting. The photo was taken indoors with bulb lighting.

i took another photo indoors but with sunlight and no bulb lighting. It got accepted

not sure why they want pic sent in for you as the application process ask for the photo to be loaded on line. Did you get this option
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