Posted 28th Nov 2022 (Posted 21 h, 16 m ago)
Evening everyone,

I've left it a little closer that I'd like as I am suppose to be traveling in January. I just wondered if anyone had done theirs recently and could give me a rough idea how long it took for the new one to arrive.

I'm planning to submit online.

Thanks in advance
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    This time of year I'd expect it to be ok - I know there is a slight burst of applications with people looking for xmas/new year getaways, but nothing like the June /july/august delays
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    I’ve just done my passport. Applied last Monday online and it arrived today. I spent extra on the pictures to make sure they would be accepted (Tesco as opposed to doing them myself) and paid for 1st class signed for for the old passport. I couldn’t believe it when I received the text message saying it was on its way. The whole process was slick from application to receipt. Good luck!
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    My partner did their application online and it came within 3 weeks , that was including sending their old passport and documents through the post , this was about 2 months back the wait might be a bit longer now
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    A while back when we did ours, earlier this year,, all arrived within 3 weeks, an error on my sons(at there end) over 10 weeks, they used to have a turnaround time on the website, maybe worth checking out
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    Got mine within the week a couple of months ago
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    Mine took around 3 weeks and had to send my foreign passport too halfway through. Lot of back and forth for mine for some reason.
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    My husband did his online 2 weeks ago and the new one arrived in less than a week. He used a photo booth in a supermarket nd sent his photo by digital code.
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    1 week from receiving old passport 2 weeks total renewed mine a month ago
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    Don't forget there's mail strikes coming up
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    Thanks everyone for your quick replies!

    I'm going to get it sorted this week then and hope for the best
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    Oh wow, that's much quicker than expected! Thanks again
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    I recently paid almost double for a few 7 day passports in September and drove 200 mile round trip to get passports because a friend's had took 3 months when sent off in June.
    My daughter did hers normally online the week before I drove there and had hers back the day after we got ours ( under 2 weeks ) guess i wasted a lot of money
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    Mine took 10 days here 3 weeks ago. Used the online application and sent a photo taken on my phone. Paid for just the basic service.
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    Mine took 2 weeks and so did sons applied last month.
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    15 days in August when there was an apparent delay.

    Photo was a selfie on my phone too.
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    Applied for my renewal three weeks ago on a Tues. Used Max Spielman photo booth. Sent old one first class Weds and new one arrived on the Tuesday - so was surprised it only took a week. (edited)
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