Posted 19th Feb 2023
Hi, what are the current turn around times for an adult renewal and first passport for a child. Google gives the generic 10 week answer. I know you can fast track them but wanted to know about the normal online process. Thank you.
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    Updated average UK Passport waiting times.
    First Adult Passport : 16.81 daysAdult Renewal Passport: 13.69 days
    First Child Passport: 17.67 days
    Child Renewal Passport: 14.38 days(Crowd sourced data for last 30 days)
    Feb 17 2023…AAA…rue (edited)
    Thank you that website is really helpful
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    Ordered mine late evening of the 6th of Feb and got it on the 14th.
    Wife ordered hers the same and it arrived 16th.

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    Me and my brother recently renewed our passports in January, it took around 3 weeks from start to finish, I think you should be able to get yours within a month. It also said 10 weeks when we applied, so I wouldn't rely on that lead time, it must be for more complicated cases.
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    I needed a few in December - I paid too much to fast track mine (I got a refund in the form of a cheque - which reminds me I need to deposit it soon!). Took the whole 5 days to arrive. I ordered a few more for the kids, standard and they came back within the same week! What annoyed me was my 15 yo daughter had to attend an online interview, which seemed rather unnecessary and more like a grooming session than a passport application interview. My other kids didn't need to be interviewed...
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    Wht if applying from another country
    It depends as they may require you to visit your local passport office...
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    Applied for first passport in Scotland, middle of January this year, received passport middle of February. Had to do a passport interview on zoom, about 10 minutes after interview received email saying application approved.
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    Renewed mine a couple of weeks ago and from sending my old one off to receiving my new one took 5 days. Sent my old one Saturday, they received it Monday and I received my new one on Wednesday
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    As a courier I we had a special window at the passport office where we could hand in passports using their rapid service, whatever the name now, and would pick them up 2 hours later.
    Your waiting time includes mailing in and return, which is often the longest part
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    Not your criteria but Under 12 renewal took 3 to 4 weeks Started it in January.
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