Password forgot reset?

Found 28th Feb 2007
I,ve had to log in on hubbies name,as i requested a reset password a few times now,about 2hrs ago,does it take long to get email?,as mines got deleted when my pc went for repair ( i know,i should have written it down), i lost everything,folders,pictures,the lot :-( I seem to be getting my emails ok :thumbsup:

Thanks in advance guys. Hotscot.:thumbsup:
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send a PM to a mod..I'm sure they can help you.
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send a PM to a mod..I'm sure they can help you.

I've done this too,no joy,i'm trying every day to get my password reset,but just not getting any email from Hotdeals at all,even in spam or anything....:-(

Can 1 of the mods help me to get back to Hotdeals and send me a reset password,or find out whats wrong.....

cheers guys [SIZE="3"]HOTSCOT[/SIZE]
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