Password Protect .exe files for free

    i need a program so i can lock down some .exe files on my computer, is there a program to do this for free

    help is much appriciated


    Not sure what you want but try [url][/url] loads of free downloads with no spam or Trogans...Good Luck

    If you have Vista, just use the parental controls


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    its XP unfortunalty

    basically its for a business who wants to restrict internet access e.g. stop people opening up internet explorer without entering a password

    This is another way to do it.

    Restrict the user account so that only Internet Explorer is able to run. The password would be entered by the user when logging on. I'd recomment Microsoft Steadystate (free tool) to do this. Ive used the MS Shared Computer Toolkit (same tool but renamed to Steadystate) and it works well.…spx

    If it is for business computers then how are they networked together? If they are using a server and not just workgroup computing then you could use group policy to effect restictions on all machines.

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    they are in workgroup
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