Password Revealer

    I have forgotten my broadband password and i need to change my router.

    The password is saved on my old router settings page, so i need the password revealer software for that.

    If anyone out there has used a software that works and could share it with me.


    siw should be able to find it, just google siw.exe, fire it up and use the eureka component

    phone your isp

    or send the config file to notepad / view source in browser etc and look see if it's listed.…2nQ

    just reset it via the small pen button on the back then its usualy admin for the user and password for the password

    Wait.. you signed up to a shopping forum to ask about a router problem? and used the router as your username?

    Have you not thought of maybe.. going onto a netgear forum?

    Just a thought.

    its not the router password he's after, it his ISP password. this is already stored on his existing router but he needs to know it so that he can add it to a new router, its stored in secure fomat ( *********** ) on the router so he's simply asking if any tools will allow hime to read the password. the siw program i mentioned earlier will do just that, you simply click on the eureka tool and put the mouse over the password and it is revealed.

    Snadboys revelation
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