Found 20th Jan 2010
Hi All,

Water pipe froze over Christmas, Insurance said they would cover my electric stuff but they need a PAT test to confirm it failed.
They said they can arrange this but because of loads of flooding over the cold period that would take 4 to 6 weeks to collect and test items that I would be quicker to do this locally. My only local place it over 100 miles away.

Was hoping that someone on here might have acess to print me off one with my items listed.


This would take 2 minutes in excel

Put in description of item, serial number, approx value, and an X as to whether it passes or fails. Cant see there being much more to it than that, you just need to inventory your stuff

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Thanks for reply MarkyB...!! (+REP)
Just bit worried doing it that way, was hoping that Electrician on here might print me off one.
Just incase the insurance guys call him/her to confirm or check to see if real details on form.
Just don't want to have claim canceled.

Surely the PAT testing form has to be completed by a 'competent person eligible to fill out such forms.

I doubt any electrician would do that as it would seriously damage his reputation if found out and his ability to do other work as they would lose their part P certification

Also yur insurance company might report you for fraud
not worth trying, just sit tight and wait for them to do it, or take the items to an electrician to genuinly test.

Yeah, what you are suggesting is insurance fraud, not worth it. No different to putting in a fraudulent claim altogether really... Just tell your insurance company you are happy to wait for them to do it.

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Thanks all you guy, Thats what I'll do just wait.
Thanks for advise. (+REP for replys)
Will close thread

Sorry I misread or misunderstood original post, I thought that they wanted from you a list of everything that would needed to be claimed for.

Frauding it will probably lose you more in the long run
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