Patella Tendonitis

    Just wondering if anyone has suffered with this and whether you managed to get it sorted?
    I did start a thread about my knee problems a few weeks back but just wanted to get some thoughts.

    I had an MRI and they said I didnt need an operation but they gave me a two week course of diclofenac anti inflammatory. This has nto solved the problem and I am stuck as to know where I go next.
    I have had the problem on my other knee and had it operated on, whilst I still get pain in this knee its no where near as bad as the other knee.
    They mentioned an injection in the hospital but that was as far as it went. I had injections in my other knee and the pain relief was immense but it only lasted a few weeks. What are these injections supposed to do?

    Im still playing football and whilst I probably shouldnt I am only 24 and dont want it to get the better of me. Today I can hardly walk and the pain will last a couple of days up until I have football training again, then after training I'll have more pain then saturday comes and I am playing again- one vicious cycle. Even when not playing football I still get the pain its beyond and its really getting me down.

    As I had the appointment in the hospital is it worth ringing the department again? I really dont want to go back to my GP who will then put me on the waiting list etc etc.

    Im at a loese end with this and dont really know what step to take next!!

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    im not sure about this condition as i tore my acl and need a repair. try [url][/url] if the link doesnt work google either knee geeks or knee guru they are all about knee injuries. fab website.

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