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Not sure if anyone can help but would really appreciate any advice...

Basically I have a product I want to Patent, I understand it may be expensive (from £500 £2000) which as long as it protects my idea I dont mind.

Does anyone have any advice on a Patent, I phoned a couple companies and they both wanted me to email them everything about my idea without signing some sort of confidentiality agreement which means there is nothing stopping them taking my idea (probably wouldnt but you never know!)

Thanks in advance

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Go to a solicitor who offer intellectual property services - most corporate/commercial firms will. They can advise you on how to register and exploit your patent.

Have you been here yet ? :…htm :thumbsup:

The IPO is the place to start for some good advice, they have a list of Patent Attorney's, etc. Might also be worthwhile looking at investment from local business groups, but ensure you have a CDA in place before giving any details, you will need to tell them a little about it to generate some interest, though, just nothing detailed!

Also make sure you date everything and keep dated and signed copies of documents with a solicitor for safe-keeping, it all adds up to more protection for you and a 'paper-trail' if someone tries to challenge your patent. When they do a patent search for you and come up with other similar patents then don't worry, they only stand IF the person paid for the upkeep of the patent, if they didn't then it's not protected anymore and you could at least still produce your invention. Also, you can go for other types of protection, it doesn't necessarily have to be a patent. The patent attorney will give you the right advice anyway.

The costs of £500-2000 will be the initial costs, but as soon as you get into protecting your invention in other countries then you will be talking about tens of thousands of pounds. I work for a company that develops its own Intellectual Property and I've seen the bills!

Anyway, good luck with whatever it is!

I have heard of these guys who operate as trademark attorneys if this is any help

How much does it cost with IPO ?

The normal amount we charge to process a UK patent application is GBP £200.

It is free to apply for grant of a patent

GBP £30 (application fee) for a preliminary examination

GBP £100 for a search

GBP £70 for a substantive examination

How to pay
If you apply on-line, you can pay by credit or debit card, or by deduction from your deposit account with us.

If you apply by post, you can also pay by cheque or bank transfer, but you must also fill in and send us a Form FS2 fee sheet with your application.

A typical patent application takes 2 to 3 years to grant, we can accelerate the procedure at the applicant’s request. There is a maximum time limit of 4½ years from the application's earliest date.

Original Poster

Thanks for the advice everyone...

Mecoconuts....2-3 years???

I assume whilst its all going through I would still covered or could someone still take the idea?


whats your idea....haha?


Thanks for the advice everyone...Mecoconuts....2-3 years???I assume … Thanks for the advice everyone...Mecoconuts....2-3 years???I assume whilst its all going through I would still covered or could someone still take the idea?Thanks

Once it's filed you can tell people about it as long as all of those details are disclosed in the original application. Before this you cannot put your invention (or the idea of it) into the public domain or it basically will not be patentable anymore.

You can only sue someone once it's been granted, however there is some provisional protection from when the patent is published which is 18 months after the application is first filed. This allows you to claim damages back from any infringement of the patent in the period between publication and the patent being granted.

You must remember that anyone else trying to file a patent will also be stuck with these timelines so they can't really push ahead of you unless you tell them about it before filing it.

The IPO has a good booklet about some of the basics:…pdf

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I received my info pack for the UK Patent office yesterday and I was originally under the impression I could get a European Patent until I have had a UK patent for 12months, but having browsed though these leaflets it seems I can apply straight away for a European one?

Does anyone know if this is correct???
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