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    Getting the patio done at the end of the month, i have been looking on ebay at some cheap Sandstone paving slabs, in Grey they look nice with a nice rivet effect, the 2 packs i have seen have a depth of 15-25mm and 25-35mm, the thinner is cheaper by around £100, i have a budget of around £600-700 and need 35 square metres.

    is there a risk of getting 15-25mm slabs, i have seen some on ebay where the tile varys from 15-40 per pack. i didnt know that it really does make it that much more fragile when laying and day to day performance.

    any one offer some advice or any other sort of stone that will offer a nice finish, i am looking at the light colours.


    is there a risk of getting 15-25mm slabs?

    These are floor tiles!

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    is there a risk of getting 15-25mm slabs?These are floor tiles!

    lol see best to ask, the few people i have spoke to say they all vary in size..


    thats one set, and the other set is the same but like i said more expensive for the 25-35mm

    I found the thinner ones easier to handle when laying them but they did feel cheap and there is more of a chance that they break when being laid or if you drop something on them.

    I take it you're laying these yourself - otherwise you will need to add some more to your budget.

    Laying slabs that aren't even in thickness can also be very tricky, the Indian Sandstone is a real hoot to work with.
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