Patron Silver in Mexico.. How Much???

    Does anyone have any idea how much a bottle of Patron Silver is in Mexico??

    My brother in law loves the stuff and wants to give me money to bring him a bottle back when i go on holiday to Cancun in 2 weeks, this is just to see if its worth his while me bringing it back.



    when i was in mexico about 2years agoi managed to get a JOSE CUERVO for about 5quid it all depends where you buy it, try to find a super market there much cheaper than the shops, we even managed to do a bbq on the beach for about 8quid and that included the bbq and food including steak.

    Jose Cuervo Silver is about £11-12 in Sainsburys if you dont manage to source the other stuff.

    if hes not fussy about what brand by the own brand ones, i know we got a ltr of it for 2quid, it didnt taste to bad as well just remember to find a supermarket where locals shop
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