Paul Merton's last ever Room 101 begins in 4 minutes...

    Starts at 10pm... Paul Merton's last ever "Room 101" on BBC2. He'll be sorely missed, let's hope they find a new presenter and make some more of this brilliant show. )…jsp

    Even funnier... it's Paul's arch nemesis Ian Hislop as the guest!!


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    If this post is too late for you make sure you record it when it's repeated on Sunday night at 12:10am - 12:40am. Or stay up to watch it.

    Nope - it's 9.59 - just in time...i was gonna change to Friday night live

    did anyone see him chuck Piers Morgan in, except he would not go in because he was too toxic:w00t:

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    Haha, best episode ever.
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