Pax Draws- in a custom alcove space

Posted 25th Dec 2019
The previous owner had custom built wardrobes, there's an alcove in the middle 76.5cm wide.

Just a tad wider than Pax drawers which come in 75cm width.

Can anyone recommend a good way to fit the drawers in to this space? (Depth is fine).

On a separate note...
Have a wonderful Xmas everyone -HotukD you've helped me in many ways I can't even get explain, thank you!!
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Don't know what a pax drawer is, but for me, the easiest solutions would be to attach 2 x sheets of 3.6mm plywood to either both of the the drawer sides, or both of the interior space sides or even one on each and paint as necessary. 4 x 3.6mm = 14.6mm and you are 15mm short.
Bear in mind 75cm is the external size of a pax wardrobe from Ikea the drawers are designed to fit into an internal size of circa 71.4cm iirc the frame is 18mm thick
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