pay and you go question

    hey all

    looking for some advice on pay and go sim deals around atm

    whats the best on offer atm does anyone know not really that bothered about getting a phone just the sim

    looked on 02 simplicity and tried to look for t mobile but it's annoying me now and gettin a bit peed off.

    any advice would be great appreciated people!!


    How often do you top up?

    Would it not be better to get one of the hot sim only deals?

    Look at Giffgaff £10 top up gets you 150 mins, unlimited texts and unlimited internet. Also you get £5 if someone refers you to the service. They are a VMO on the o2 network (come under the telefonica umbrella of companies) and as such have the same reception of 3g, hsdpa as o2

    i would suggest you get a sim only rolling month contract? tesco have very good deals, so do Giffgaff as paddy_o_furniture mentioned

    Original Poster

    cheers paddyo sim ordered cheers guys!
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