Pay as you go diverting?

Found 3rd Oct 2012
So I know most companies don't allow call forwarding for pay as you go customers but do you guys know of any that do? I tried O2 but it's only for pay monthly customers


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same with Orange it's pay monthly only

its so you cant use it for criminal activities i believe

Just checked, Giffgaff allow it.

I only found one PAYG service that allowed this but they have since gone bust was handy when advertising stuff for buyers to contact you without giving your number out (mine is a "gold" type number that I value).

Whats your intended use? maybe there are other options?

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Just checked, Giffgaff allow it.

seems they charge 10p though..? or am i mistaken?

Also my use is to divert my current number to my family while I am away so that all calls are at least answered.

Giffgaff to giffgaff call diverts are free
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