Pay as you go - good deals/top up £5 credit?

Morning all.

Was just wondering if any PAYG networks have any particularly good deals when you top up - free texts/minutes, etc?

Also, can anyone tell me which networks allow you to top up £5? A combination of both would be ideal, please

Thank yous x


i know with orange you can top up with 5.00

i know with o2 you can't but with vodafone u can but not sure about t-mobile

Have a look at Giff Gaff. It runs on O2's network, you can top up £5 and you can buy Goody Bags (a bit like bolt on's) that last a month. They have two £5 Goody Bags at the minute one gets you unlimited txt's and the other gets you 60 mins and 300 txt's.…fer

you can top up £5 with t-mobile, and they do offers if you top up £10, but not sure what they are.

t mobile offer if you top up £10 is free internet and free texts for a month

giffgaff, initial top is £10 but you'll get £5 free credit if some one refers you. With that £10 top up you can buy a giffgaff labs goodybag which gives 300SMS and 60 mins, however for every minute of calls you receive you also get a minute added to your allowance. You can stack the goodybag so from your initial £10 you could buy the goodybag for 2 months and have the £5 bonus still in credit
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