Found 15th Nov 2007
Hello All,

Need to find a good pay as you go deal for my daughter something with free texts etc etc

I was looking @ blyk but I dont know if there any good + there not 3g
also Blyk want my cc details for top up!

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O2 do the #10 top up and get 300 free texts, the more you top up the more free tewxts you get

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hrm yeah I was looking @ that but is there somthing abit extra you can get? Shes getting that with Orange P&G but there the worst network in the world. Just got her pak code and they didnt even ask her to stay! even though I topup £10 per month 4 her! since 2004!!!


not sure, i know when my daughter was on PAYG i used to top up 10 then she used to use the 300 texts the first month and use the 10 credit the second, so it was costing a fiver a month
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