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    Hey, first post, just got recommended to this site, tis great.

    I'm looking for a cheapish mobile for a friend, which can take an o2 Sim card, any advice would be appreciated.



    welcome:thumbsup:have you tried [url][/url]. you might find something there

    Original Poster

    Yeah, had a look thanks. I was hoping for someplace a little more wide of the mark where i'd be able to pick up a hot deal, a Hot UK Deal if you will.

    have a look on [url][/url]. if you find one they will be discount codes on here. nice avatar by the way:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Cheers, i'll take a look.

    Shekz0r san

    Original Poster

    Should have said, price range £30-£50ish.

    theres one at [url][/url] £60 its o2
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