Pay As You Go Mobile challenge-£30 budget + free ansafone

    Hi all

    Buying a "second" phone work have given me a measley £30 budget, so have been trawling web , i need the following :

    No cost to access voicemail messages, the phone is mainly going to be used as a means of returning customers calls so this is crucial and so far proved the stumbling block to any deal i have found?

    No minimum top-up required

    No outgoing calls allowed

    Incoming calls only

    Im stuck any links?

    cheers guys


    sorry, don't quite understand your criteria!

    If you're going to be returning customer phone-calls then how would you do that if no outgoing calls were allowed??

    yeah i'm abit confused, by the sounds of it, i think you want a phone with outgoing calls but no incoming calls. If this is it, then this is my recommendation, go for T-Mobile because the voicemail is free. The cost to call is 30p/min but that goes down the more you top-up I believe on relax but mates rate is cheaper with 5pm/min but voicemail is 10p/min so i dont think u'd want that.
    Alternatively you could go with Virgin which gives you free voicemail as long as you have credit on your phone, if you don't you won't be able to access it, but you'd know ur usage better than I would.
    In terms of blocking outgoing calls, you can just change the call settings to divert all calls to voicemail. I think this is why you want free voicemail I'm assuming.

    Sticking with the t-mobile network, the cheapest phone in The Link I found is the Nokia 6100 for £39.99 but if you have a phone to trade-in you get £10 back, so that'll meet your budget.

    >>Click Here<<

    From Phones4U you can get the Nokia 1110 for £29.95 again on the T-Mobile network, same tariff.

    >>Click Here<<

    In Carphone Warehouse you got more choice within your budget.
    Motorola C139 - £24.99 includes £10 free airtime and free delivery (this is available on Virgin to if you wish as is the other two phones below)

    >>Click Here<<

    Nokia 1100 - £24.99 including £5 airtime on Virgin and £34.99 including £5 airtime on T-Mobile with free delivery and available in two colours, black or blue.
    >>Click Here<<

    Motorola C115 - £29.99 includes £10 aritime or £39.99 including £10 airtime on Virgin, both with free delivery.
    >>Click Here<<

    Hope this is what you were looking for!


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    i eventually bought a handset on t-mobile

    Only today at work have i realised i have been being charged for voicemail access , upon phoning tmobile helpdesk (lol!)they have advised me that the mates rates package has been removed and hence no free voicemails for me. I have had to top-up tonight but need either a new phone or sim card i want to bring across my existing number if on a new phone(i have a port code) which in your opinion would be cheapest/quickest?

    as before the new network really does need free voicemail, a work colleague has suggested vodaphone offer this?

    Thanks for any future replies

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    many thanks

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    anybody thanks its kinda urgent

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