Posted 15th Jun 2022
An elderly relative is very old school and doesn't do any direct debits (pays the bills at the post office).

Are there any good deals on pay as you go sim cards with a good amount of data? They do not have internet at home and want to video call a lot of people so there is potential for them to be data heavy.

I keep finding sim only 1 month contract deals which are good but they need direct debit.
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    Voxi, rolling 30 day contract with card payment?
    Yea they won't even pay by card they are a bit awkward with it to be honest I have already suggested they set up a bank card with just a few hundred pounds on it for proposes like that but they don't even like that idea.

    They used to go into the shop and get a top up voucher and call a number to apply the credit to their phone number
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    Giffgaff do pay and go, 100gb for £20.

    They can top up online with a top up voucher they buy in a shop.

    There are prepay plans with most big providers, o2, three, ee and Vodafone being the top 4 providers.

    Giff gaff is a community ran network that uses o2 masts
    Thanks very much giff gaff looks like the answer!

    Wonder if I will get asked if they can pay by cheque next
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    Take a look at Tesco Mobile. You can topup instore and then exchange for bundles. Not really looked too hard into it, but used it for my father for voice/text, didnt really pay attention to data deals. They also do the old fashioned etopup card as you say he did before, unsure how many stores still use these, but I think it is still any stores that use paypoint, but could be wrong.…-up (edited)
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    My mother is the same. In the end I found it simpler to just pay for her Sim monthly by DD myself. When I see her she just gives me the cash :-)
    PAYG is poor value compared to Sim Only rolling by DD (edited)
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    How close are you to your elderly relative?
    Can you not get a monthly rolling contract out for them yourself with £0 spending cap so it only costs you the package and ask them to pay you monthly cash in advance?

    Some networks don't even do credit checks (i think Lebara or I might be wrong).
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    Very old school........

    ........ Wants to make loads of video calls

    slight contradiction there

    Sorry, can't add anything useful
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    Have a look at Lebara or Giffgaff.
    They can top up at most Post Offices, Payzone retailers (edited)
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