Pay Monthly Blackberry Contract Deal Around £20 Per Month

    My highly expensive Orange contract is about to run out and I'm after a Blackberry - not one in particular - and to pay around £20 per month. Have seen the tesco mobile deal - Blackberry curve, 250 mins, unlimited texts and 1GB mobile data. Looking for advice as to whether this is good or there's something better out there!!!! Cheers guys!


    I was uber worried about the data when I was going across to a BB but so far, so good it's been ok.

    I got the bold 9780 through O2 for £25.53 a month (plus insurance) which given they are currently advertising the crappy 8250 for the same price, it's a huge improvement. The only downside is that you only get 500mb data, but coming from having an unlimited data plan on my HTC Desire, so far, i've been pretty good.

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    Thanks for this i spent ages looking at all the different websites yesterday and ended up with a headache!!!! Just out of interest what sort of internet useage is 1GB worth??? Am slightly rubbish with the technical stuff but just want to be able to look at my usual sites (no downloading) without running up a huge data bill (facebook etc - sad I know!)

    It's not a silly question at all, it's one I asked my self and what's worse! I work in IT, so it's something I should know

    You'll find your BB will be connected to a blackberry internet service (or bis). Everything that comes through that gets compressed and squeezed down to consume the smallest amount of data as possible.

    As you have something called push notifications for email, facebook and twitter etc. It tells you when there is an update, which saves you having to check. This saves battery and data.

    Really the 500mb only comes into play when you visit actual websites or use things like facebook. If you go through O2, you get free wifi access where available. So when out and about and wanting to check things that might use data, I check for wifi first. When at home, I simply enable wifi.

    Hope that helps

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    Thanks so much for this!!!! All techno info very greatfully received!!!

    Not a problem. I'm sure someone else may have more, accurate information, but that's the just of what I understood and I spent ages researching it. The data plan was the only reason I took so long buying one in the first place lol

    Buy the phone yourself, then a tenner a month on Giff Gaff gets unlimited texts & data, & 250 mins of calls.

    If you posted your question here on their forum & a couple like it, its likely to halve your line rental & calls to anyone else on GG are free, with you getting a tenner split between you for each new person you bring in.

    @Ibiza. That won't work for any blackberry services such as Blackberry Messenger. You have to have a blackberry enabled service.

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    Thanks for all your advice guys, phoned orange and their "customer retentions" dept, they gave me 600 mins, unlimited texts and 500mb data for £20.42 pm with the Blackberry Curve 9300 so i took it. have read up on it and think it'll be a good starter blackberry for a novice like me!!!
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