Found 5th Nov 2007

Some of you might of followed my thread about how rubbish Orange is. Anyway time to find a new contract NOT ORANGE!

I was looking at T-Mobile Flext plans 25. Flext 20 for £15 instead of £20 and Flext 25 for £20 stead of £25ish

ANyway anything beat that?



How many minutes/texts will you need? 12 or 18 month contract?

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18 month
Contract 1: 150 100text
Contract 2: 250+ 100 text

NO cash back offers please!

Have you tried Mix and Match from 3? For £15 per month, you get 300 mins or texts (mix of both) and 300 mins of 3 to 3 calls.

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dont want three alot of bad things i heard

Three would be my first choice with the mix and match


virgin 18month as long as u pay £25+ a month you get a ipod or psp or £100 credit

Ive been looking for a new contract with a good phone.

Ive seen a Nokia N95 on T-Mobile for £29.99
with Flext 35 which is £35.00 a month but they have a 5% offer on so you will be paying £30.00.
Plus for £7.50 you get T-Mobile internet unlimited usage.

Flext 35 I think you get £180 allowance which is like 600 mins and 600 text average.
But it does state 900 mins or 1800 Text!

£30.00 plus £7.50 = £37.50 a month you can take off the internet anytime and add it on anytime through out the contract.
Plus if you ask they might even give the Nokia N95 for free! saving £29.99!

HotUKDeals on my fone anytime anywhere :whistling:

I think this is the best contract i can find. But im waiting to see if I can get the Nokia N95 8gb in Black!


Nokia N95, £30 per month 300 minutes or texts, 150 video minutes per month, and free internet access.

Best deal I have found, my wife has been on three for 2 years and she has nothing but praise for the company. The coverage for three next year is about to become one of the best providers in the country.…201
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