pay monthly mobile with no cashback

    as the title says, im after a pay monthly mobile with no cashback.. I dont want a confusing contract, just a straight up, pay X amount per month and it stays like that for 12 months until i maybe decide to quit.




    think we will need a little more to go on than that ;-)

    Like what network
    what price
    minimum term

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    i'm not fussed on what network to be honest, looking for no more than £15 a month with a free phone..

    12 months is probably all i want from the contract

    hope this helps some!


    your best bet is probably gonna be three, although i think theres are usually 18 month contracts, also dont forget to use quidco :thumbsup:

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    here u go m8 … here u go m8 ]

    thanks ill check it out !

    is there any cheaper ones out there too?



    thanks ill check it out !is there any cheaper ones out there too?

    dont think you will get a cheaper than £15 contract anywhere, unless using cashback contract

    also quidco

    £4 for PAYG (per transaction, not per phone basis)
    £15 for Mix and Match 300
    £37.50 for Mix & Match 500, £15 Texter, £20 Texter
    £62.50 for Mix & Match 700, Mix & Match 900
    £80 for Mix & Match 1100
    £8 for MB1 - 12 month on 1GB or 3GB
    £16 for MB2- 18/24 month on 1GB or 3GB
    £32 for MB3- All 7GB

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    thanks , rep given to you both
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