Pay Pal Problems making payments!!!!!!!!

    Trying to make a gift payment but all i get is the following error message...

    """If you were in the process of buying something, or sending money to family or friends, we recommend you check both your PayPal account and your email inbox for a transaction confirmation within the next 24 hours.

    If you came to this page from another website, you may want to return to that site (we advise that you don't just use your browser's back button) and restart your activity.

    If you stumbled upon this page from the PayPal website, simply click the PayPal logo in the top left corner to return to the UK home page and restart your activity. You might have to log in again.

    If you wish to sign up to PayPal, please click the PayPal logo and then click the Sign up"

    anybody else having this kind of difficulty??


    Original Poster

    lets hope not as i tried about 10 times now!!!!


    I tried to do a gift payment earlier as well :x

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    think my bank account could be empty by sun rise if they take out all the payments i tried to make. If im correct you usually get a confirmation screen first before payment is made?????

    Yeah I to have been trying to make gift payments this evening, looks like it is not working, what a pain!

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