PaydayUK £50 Quidco from £80 Loan (Repay £100) = £30 Profit

    I know this has been posted before, where £70 was available via Quidco from the £80 loan...but there is still £30 to be made from this.

    Would people who did it last time say it was worth it? Obviously you'd need to be sure it is going to track


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    ok...I know what Quidclans are...theres no info about PaydayUK in there though?

    i did the old one - worked a treat and 50 squid up...only problem is constant emails offering me new loans! :-D


    ...and the fact your credit report shows that you appear desperate for money by taking out an £80 loan...

    doesn't go on your credit score - no credit check involved


    Ok. Still a gamble for just £30.

    mmm are you 100% sure as a mate of mine took one of these loans and passed etc but on the next screen in came up his card/name could not be verified so he had to send in id (which he did) but as he didnt enter a card number how could they verify him if not by a credit check ?

    i think they verify using your debit card but if you don't do that you need some other id. I wouldn't have done it if there was a credit check involved. It was a wee bit of a risk for 50 squid as i'd have been down 20 and i'm not sure i'd do it for 30 but the tracking etc does seem to be reliable :-D

    maybe he used a different one, + will be easy to check via a free credit report

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    Its up to £60 now...will definately be giving it a go now


    doesn't go on your credit score - no credit check involved

    But on their website it says they do credit check?…tml

    "A credit score is a check done with a credit reference agency to confirm how well you manage your money
    We use this to approve your loan and confirm your identity"

    So is it really worth that credit check on your file for the sake of £30/40 profit?


    I'm very interested obviously, but wary about the credit check issue.



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    They do a credit check...I had an alert on my credit file today. Im not that bothered about that long as its paid off on time
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