Found 26th Nov 2008
My sister is getting a laptop for her son for Christmas. She does not have a BT line as she uses her mobile phione for calls.
Anyway she was wondering which is the best payg mobile broadband provider.
Also I have saw some quoting 3GB payg, how do they work out the 3GB is it just downloads like attachments, music etc or is it straming video/music as well.


ps who is doing the best deals


it's everything. just loading a web page will count towards the limit.... my advice is to avoid a PAYG one and get an unlimited one (voda and orange do these I think)

I don't think anyone offers unlimited mobile broadband, they want you to believe it's unlimited but the small print says otherwise :whistling:.

PAYG mobile broadband, well any form of mobile broadband is going to be very expensive in comparison to conventional landline products.

t-mobile is £1 a day-but clearly will be expensive if you use it every day..

Maybe get Virgin Media but they are being a pain in the the rear end with me at the moment!!

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She is not in a cable area plus does not want a BT landline as she uses her mobile contract to do all her calls.
I've seen other mobile bb contacts and they are either a minimum of 18 or 24 months which is too long.…124

Try this if she hasnt already bought the laptop, you can buy a qualifying laptop from the Toshiba Satellite Pro S300, Tecra or Portégé range and you can get 24 months broadband, nearly free. You buy the laptop and can claim back £150 ex vat, i think the starter kit for it is £176.25 inc VAT. So for £26.25 you get a Dongle with 24 GB worth of data on it, but downside is that once the 24GB is used you need to revert to PAYG or contract!!
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