PAYG Mobile Broadband??

    Are there any networks which provide PAYG mobile broadband that doesn't expire? If not, which lasts the longest?

    I'm only going to be using now and again for meetings so dont want a monthly contract or have to top it up every month.

    Cheers, Shane


    Vodafone used to do this but have now started charging £7.50 for 250mb that expires after 30 days, totally rubbish.

    Someone has just posted this which gives 12 months free mobile internet on orange:…595
    Looks too good to be true, but maybe...

    Or T-Mobile do 6 months mobile internet for £20. (Search google for "t-mobile 6 month free web"). I've been using this for a few months and it's brilliant! You can go way over the supposed 1GB limit and they don't cut you off or charge you. I'm using 3+ GBs a month and all is good.

    Another cheap option is Virgin who do 30p payg "unlimited" internet:
    "Get Unlimited Web Access For Just 30p A Day. If You Access The Internet From Your Phone, You'll Only Pay 30p And You'll Get Unlimited Web Use For The Rest Of That Day"

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    Thanks I'll take a look. The Virgin one would have been ideal, but its for accessing from a laptop.

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    Just noticed they are all mobile phone ones. I suppose I should have made the post clearer. I need to be able to access the internet from a laptop, and from what I understand these sort of sims/deals exclude internet access from a computer.
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    forget about all the standard payg mobile internet plans. they're vastly overpriced.

    you can just pop any normal phone sim into a mobile internet dongle, i've used o2, 3-mobile and t-mobile sims in my o2 dongle (which comes unlocked).

    just check google for the APN settings.

    and make sure your dongle is unlocked if using with a different network sim. most are easy to unlock yourself.

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    I already have mobile internet on my contract (3), but from what I can see by tethering it with a laptop you would have to pay extra for the data - Im assuming this is the same for all the networks?
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