PAYG Network That Alows you To Port In Number Then Port Out Again Within Same Month?

    Hi, EE will not allow me to port my number across within the same network. They advised me to get a PAYG sim of a different network, port my number into the PAYG sim, then get another PAC code from them to port back to EE.

    Which PAYG network will allow me to use a PAC to port my number across to them, and then get a PAC code again within the same month to port out again?

    I believe some networks require you to stay a minimum length on PAYG before getting a PAC code, but couldnt find information on which do and dont have these terms.




    Giffgaff but you have to credit the sim by £10 to activate it

    Just port it to 3 then back to EE.

    Sure it'll take a few days but that's life
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