PAYG O2 Mobile Phone for Older Chap

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Found 5th Jan 2009
My father in law has just realised he is getting a bit older (75) and a mobile phone might be a good idea for him when he's out and about.

Can anyone suggest a really basic inexpensive mobile with a keypad which is not too small?

Thank you!


my dad got a nokia 2760 cheaply from cpw,he has terrible arthiritus in his fingers but manages to use this lil phone really well,its pretty basic but he doesnt send texts etc only uses it for calls really

thanks sagor i didnt think to do that!


thanks sagor i didnt think to do that!

no worries, i am on a photo posting day today, first day back at 'work'

there is also a c300

edit - i cant see it online at the moment though

ask around see if anyone has an old phillips c12 mobile phone
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