PAYG phone for £20 (ish)

    After a mobile around the £20 mark that can be used with a Tesco mobile SIM card.


    The Nokia 1100 at CarPhoneWarehouse is £24.99p with a free £5 airtime voucher. The network is Virgin but these are easily unlocked to any network from free to around £10. Buy through QuidCo.Com to earn cashback [I think it's £5].

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    Or the model up, The Nokia 1101 which is £30 + £15 airtime on Virgin, once again easily unlocked.

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    Had HUGE problems with CPW last time I bought a phone from them, won't use them again.

    You can get the Nokia 1100 Refurbished from Phones4U for £19.95, its on virgin, again, but Nokias are always easy to unlock, especially the older models.

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    or you could buy it from The Link, which cost £30 with £30 airtime so basically the phone is costing you nothing, but its on the EasyMobile network which I don't know much about it but it could mean the phone is already unlocked.

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    Hope that helps you!
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