Paying by Paypal for Goods or Services - Do you get Buyer Protection??

Found 1st Feb 2009
I've read a couple of times on here that even if you pay by "normal" Paypal (i.e Goods or Services) then you don't get any Buyer protection cos that is only valid on Ebay sales - is this true???

I bought someting on another site and paid by Paypal Goods - can I submit a Paypal claim if I don't get the item and the Seller doesn't play ball?? That's why I paid using Goods, rather than Gift?????
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Thanks - hopefully I shd be ok! Will have to wait 15 days though, as that's how log RM say it shd be before something is classed as officlaly lost!!
i know you do on ebay im not sure about other services,although i bought boots from newlook that were paid via paypal,and they were out of stock although showing as in stock,paid immediatley and after 2 weeks had no refund so opened a dispute via paypal,and was refunded
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