paying for amazon prime with gift vouchers

Found 12th Oct 2017
is there any way to pay for prime using amazon gift vouchers,i have seen in the us you can buy the gift of prime and use that but it doesnt seem to be available in the uk.
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You could just gift cash
People pay for prime!
jimhuf11 m ago

People pay for prime!

yes i know i could become a student but thought i`d splash out.
no. not at the moment
happybunny622 h, 9 m ago

yes i know i could become a student but thought i`d splash out.

You still have to pay as a student, what they are meaning is just using a different email address.

You cant buy prime with gift vouchers, friend got caught out by it last year.
I was talking to a representative about this through their live chat the other day. The person told me no, that this was not an option. I said I would send an e-mail requesting that this be an option sometime soon. He said he would pass it on. He probably hasn't and he even sent me an e-mail afterwards telling me that it isn't option to pay for Prime with Amazon credit.

It doesn't help that the people you are talking to are based in another country and seem to have difficulty understanding what you are asking them.
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