Paying money to my PayPal account

    Im organising a group holiday this year in Spain and wanted people to pay a deposit. Some of the people i do not see often and was wondering how they could pay me. Can you accept money to your paypal account and if so how? Have used it lots of times for ebay but wondered if this would be possible.


    Stick a debit card on paypal and put the money into the account for that.

    Paypal gift is designed for personal payments such as this, easy and no charges so long as the payment is being funded by account credit or bank account.

    As sickly sweet says make sure they gift the payment or you'll have to pay fees on it.

    Why not just bank transfer it?No fees, no middle man and instant.

    Get them to pay the money into your bank account, then pay through paypal from your debit card?

    My friends all did this yesterday for some festival tickets


    Just open a savings account and give them the sortcode / acno

    then you'll have interest on it too
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