Paying on visa debit vs visa credit card.

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Found 5th Feb 2009
Another Q, too much time on my hands now the whole house is packed! I would like to buy a dishwasher and washer dryer from dixons, they have a good deal on the ones I am looking at and much cheaper than elsewhere at the mo.
Now obviously with the current climate handing over large sums is a concern, so does it make a dfference how I pay?
I have had a look and I believe chargeback can be done from debit cards, if they did happen to go bust in the next week, I doubt it but who knows!
So is the information I have right, as I would rather just pay on debit card and be done with it, I don't like using the CC.
Tinks x


pay with your credit card - much safer to get your money back if the worst happens

What do you mean by chargeback?

Either way I'd pay it on your credit card (you're better protected then as a consumer) and then pay it off with the debit card once you've received the goods and everything is ok.

Doing it this way will help your credit rating too.

Hand on Heart any large purchase at the moment pay on your Credit Card and when you recive the goods and everything is fine then pay it off with the Debit card.

I am just the same as you! Way prefer the debit card over CC as its just quicker and *done* then.

But I agree with everyone else, in the current climate use the CC an pay it off in full when u get your monthly bill.

As others have said CC for the s75 CCA protection. If you spend your own money it's alot harder when things go pear shaped.

I work for a well known bank and what i tell our customers is to always use your credit card for large purchases and pay if off at the end of the week/ month as long as its before the 56 interest fee days. The way i explain the difference is with a credit card you are using the banks money where with the debit card you are using our own!
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