Payment advice needed please

    Hi people, its been a long time since iv posted!.

    Anyway here is my quandary

    We had some bathroom work done last year in conjunction with the council. It was all completed by a contracted construction company found by the council.

    The construction company are now asking for £800 for extra work they completed a year back. Is there any legislation relating to seeking payment after a whole year? Also I have not seen any receipts just that the extra costs are for some extra tiles we chose for the bathroom.

    The work its self was shabby too and unsatisfactory.

    Can anything be done?



    No cheeky beggers:x

    Ask for a full break down of costs for all works and see what they do next!

    Id tell them to whistle....
    Is it a council house and they were updating your bathroom?
    I certainly wouldn't be handing out ANY money.

    If they did the work and didnt invoice for a year and one day then its too late for them to ask for the money now.

    Even if it isnt I'd ask for proof that you asked them to do the extra work at that cost in the first place. (which they couldnt).

    So yeah , as above , dont pay a penny.

    its a council house just tell them you didn't ask for the work to be done it was the council that arranged it.
    They cannot prove you asked for it so its tuff for them

    are you talking about tenant participation ? - if yes - then you asked for the work to be done and the contract is with you - so if you asked for additional work to be done different tiles to the original etc then you are liable to pay for it - they will need to produce the invoice for the work done from back them but after 6 months they cannot suddenly produce an invoice dated today
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