payment in US DOLLARS only

    lookin to buy somthing from the states and they only accept payment in US DOLLARS and that i have to use their cart to put in a credit
    card with all my information. now i dnt have a credit card. what other ways are there for me to pay them


    If you have a visa debit card.that will PROBABLY work,your bank will possibly charge you an overseas transaction fee tho.

    yeah debit cards work - as said, expect around 3% charge.

    Get a Caxton card and use that. Allows you to have a prepaid card and load it with dollars. Works online as a mastercard.


    dont forget 17.5% VAT and import duty (3-4%) and RM collection fee of about £10

    Do you know anybody in the States (with a credit card) that you can ask to have the item sent to them first in order that they can re-package it, mark it "as gift", & send it you?

    You can then refund them by PayPal ("as gift" so no fees involved) or return the favour at a later date buying something from the UK to send back across the pond.


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