payment problems (credit card)

Couple of days ago i tried ordering a game from and it got an e-mail to confirm the order, yesterday i got another e-mail from them saying that the Credit card did not match the billing address and to please update the details. I did check and nothing has changed (been using the same card for 2 years now), re-ordered the game again and i get the same e-mail this morning.

Decided that maybe something was up with Play so ordered the same game from Zavvi this afternoon. Got the usual e-mail to confirm order, but 30mins later i get a e-mail to say theres a payment problem. Ive sent off a e-mail to customer support asking them what the issue is, doubt i'll hear back from them tonight.

The thing thats confusing me is that ive ordered other stuff online in the past couple of days and had no problems what so ever. So is this a problem with Play and Zavvi or have my bank stopped me from buying stuff from there?

PS. Yes i have plenty of money in the account.


probably you card detail has been you said you had ordered other stuff from internet,so may be you card detail has been stolen or something and some body had changed the address.the very 1st thing you should do is contact your card company and 2nd get the protection for you computer
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Just on Hold to Halifax now. I had my card details stolen about 3 years ago and Halifax rang me up within hours of there being large amounts of money being spent. This time had nothing from them and ive had 3 days of these problems.

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Ok all sorted now. They apparently blocked me from buying anything from these websites because it wasnt in my "nature" to be spending that sort of money. Cant believe they did that. Then they had the nerve to try and offer me a new credit card with such and such interest.

Ah well least my card details havnt been stolen.
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