Payments catalogue

    Can anyone tell me which catalogue was it that just went down the pan a few weeks ago ?
    Its one of those ones where you pay money each week or month and at the end of the year you get your goods like hampers etc?

    I just wondered if everyone knew they went bust and no one will be getting there money back, they knew they were going to lose the business and they were still taking on fresh accounts :x


    not park i hope...cos i know a few ppl who should be recieving their stuff this month or next

    Yeah im sure it was emma.
    I feel for the people involved.

    Original Poster

    yes it was farepark, do we have anymore information on this ?
    I just cant believe the company STILL took on fresh orders knowing it was away to go bust !!


    Heres a good link for anyone involved or wanting to know … Heres a good link for anyone involved or wanting to know more:]

    Same link as I cunningly hid in my above post... :-D

    :giggle: no sweat

    im being quite helpful at the mo

    Original Poster

    No i saw it emma, wasnt really hid lol
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