I have a charge from on my credit card (this is all my credit card bill shows) and I am trying to think where it came from. I don't suspect fraud as it's only £4.24 and I've seen paynova before and knew what it was at the time but I can't remember which retailer(s) use this.

    Can anyone think of any?





    I agree, it must be a £4.99 purchase through the 75p off CD-Wow voucher link

    Glad you got to the bottom of it.. but just to note: A lot of banking scams (as in scams where money comes out of your account once your info has been stolen/bought/whatever) work as only a small amount (say under £20) is taken from thousands of accounts. It often works because 1. People don't notice and 2. The amount is under the limit that warrants a big investigation. The payments are often taken from 'front' companies pretending to sell templates or other generic trash.

    The scambuster forums on are very good at helping people deal with this stuff, so if you ever did get a small unknown payment it's a good place to start.

    yeh cdwow for a dvd i think.

    Original Poster

    Good call, sounds very likely as I ordered from there recently. I order so many bargain DVDs I forget what's coming in. It's like Christmas each morning when parcels arrive in my office because by then I have no idea what it's going to be. :oops:

    Thanks for the forum tip, TGB.
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